I am the middle aged woman with three children school and under school aged. I have grown up in Poland and Germany. With my husband and children I spent couple of years in Norway. Currently we live in Canada. I am architect and additionally I studied psychology. I am fully amateur baker and have no professional education in this subject.

This blog is dedicated to home-made bakery: cakes, small treats, breads, savoury goods as well as various desserts that do not require baking. In a word - a bunch of ideas and tips on how to make yourself cozy moments at home.

Where did the idea for this blog come from? The answer 'from passion to baking' is as much obvious as trivial. I bake since my teen ages, first for the family and friends. My very first cake I baked in the age of 7 when getting bored alone at home. Depending on the circumstances of my life, I took breaks from baking but after some time I came back interested in new recipes or ingredients. The breakthrough point was the year 2015 when my baking of 'almond cream tartlets with cherries' took third place in the culinary competition of Gdańsk's (Poland) Neighbours' Days, and I thought maybe I could interest a wider audience with my ideas. The winning recipe was printed in the first edition of the book Gdańsk's Neighbours' Days, which was published in print in June 2016. One year later, the second edition of the book Gdańsk's Neighbours' Days was published, including my recipe for caramel cake with currants (also on the blog).

Currently, my website operates under two domains: pomyslnaciasto.com and sweetstyledhome.com - both domains contain the same content, in two languages: Polish and English. I made this decision after moving to Canada and starting the life abroad in an English-speaking environment. I also run an Instagram account under the name @sweetstyledhome where I post pictures of the latest bakes and sometimes also the excerpts from my life with three children (and a cat).

I am the author of most recipes on my blog. Baked goods that I make based on the recipes of other authors contain information in the entry from which they originate. The main idea of ​​my blog is to look for new baking ideas in terms of both: form and ingredients. I wonder what flavours are interesting, how to use known ingredients in a different way, how to dress a good known cake in a new form. I often use edible flowers and am open for very new ingredients. The big impact to my baking has my European heritage when I spent my childhood and youth ages. I baked with my mum and my grandma who handed over to me traditional recipes and kitchen secrets. I love to try new ideas from around the world however for celebrations and special days like for example Christmas I base usually on old German and Polish traditions transforming them often into new quality. Also other European countries' sweets are present on my blog.

The blog is dedicated to people interested in the subject of baking and baking tips and intended for home use. All texts and photos posted on the site are of my own, copying them and distributing for commercial purposes is only possible after obtaining my consent and giving the source.

I invite you to look for inspiration on my website, to implement the recipes in the comfort of your home and ... have fun!


Isabella Sander

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