Blueberries yoghurt icepops

Well, in fact that is only frozen yoghurt and frozen fruits but firstly shaped as icepops, secondly decorated with edible flower – pansy. You can add sugar or plant syrup or do not depending on your taste, preferences and fruits’ sweetness. These pops look attractive and original – my children like them very much and I am happy knowing it is health cold snack. Recipe includes also vegan version. Enjoy!


6 small popsicles



  • 250 g natural Greek yoghurt or coconut plant yoghurt
  • 300 g fresh blueberries
  • 2 tablespoons sugar or plant syrup (or not)
  • few fresh washed pansies


Blend blueberries until puree. Add sweetener if desired. Damp one pansy with water and glue it to the icepop’s mould’s side. Pour yoghurt and blueberry puree alternate between them to create stripes. You can also mix together both mixtures and have one-colour icepops. Repeat to the top of the mould.  Stick the sticks and place all moulds in a freezer for overnight. You can see on pictures also pansies frozen in ice cubes – they could be used to cool Summer soft drinks.


Category: Desserts and ice creams.

Tags: blueberry, glutenfree, vegan, yoghurt.